Balancing Update

Important features

  • Main changes made in this update:
    - Multi-binding removed (Edit: cancelled for now, will be done in a future update)
    - Weapons that can reflect grenades now reflect all the grenades in range
    - Disengage now always prevents death if it’s off cooldown
    - One-hit protection doesn’t go on cooldown if Disengage triggers to save the player
    - Mod support enhanced (now using Tiled to create rooms)
    - New extra rooms for Derelict Distillery, Fractured Shrines and Undying Shores


  • Melee Weapons:

    - Balanced Blade (weapon damage and damage bonus increased)
    - Assassin’s Dagger (weapon damage increased)
    - Twin Daggers (first two attacks weapon damage and breach bonus increased)
    - Broadsword (weapon damage increased + damage slightly redistributed among the 3 attacks)
    - Cursed Sword (weapon damage increased + all attacks now crit)
    - Shrapnel Axes (weapon damage increased)
    - Seismic Strike (wave damage increased)
    - War Spear (shorter charge + weapon damage and breach bonus increased)
    - Impaler (weapon damage increased)
    - Rapier (weapon damage and crit enabler duration increased)
    - Hayabusa Boots (weapon damage increased + last hit now reflects all grenades in its hitbox)
    - Wrenching Whip (breach bonus increased)
    - Torch (weapon damage increased (impact only))
    - Flawless (weapon damage and crit multiplier increased)
    - Flashing Fans (crit multiplier increased + correctly enables crit upon bouncing a grenade back)
    - Tombstone (weapon damage increased + doom now stuns enemies it hits + slow mo reduced + slow mo can now correctly be disabled through the options menu)
    - Oven Axe (weapon damage and breach increased, charge slightly reduced)
    - Toothpick (broken duration reduced)
    - Sadist’s Stiletto (crit multiplier increased)
    - Spiked Boots (crit multiplier increased)
    - Oiled Sword (crit multiplier increased)
    - Snake Fangs (weapon damage and crit multiplier increased)

    - Sadist’s Stiletto (poison cloud affix removed)
    - War Spear (crit multiplier decreased)
  • Ranged Weapons:

    - Bow and Endless Quiver (weapon damage increased + arrows work like other bows)
    - Sonic Carbine (weapon damage increased)
    - Ice Bow (freeze duration increased)
    - Boomerang (weapon damage increased + slightly faster travel speed)
    - The Boy’s Axe (weapon damage and breach increased)
    - Nerves of Steel (weapon damage increased)
    - Firebrands (impact damage increased)
    - Pyrotechnics (can now have both Pierce affixes)
    - Fire Blast (weapon damage increased)
    - Magic Missiles (weapon damage increased)
    - Blowgun (added a poison DoT)

    - Quick Bow (crit condition now at 3 arrows instead of 2)
    - Alchemic Carbine (DoT duration, cloud duration and dps decreased)
    - Hokuto’s Bow (DPS bonus, duration and aoe range decreased)
    - Electric Whip (DoT dps decreased)
    - Ice Shards (weapon damage, slow duration and crit multiplier decreased)
  • Shields:

    - Front Line Shield (bonus buffed to 50%, was 30)
    - Cudgel (stun duration increased)
    - Knockback Shield (weapon damage increased)
    - Assault Shield (weapon damage increased)
    - Greed Shield (weapon damage increased)
    - Spiked Shield (weapon damage increased)
    - Parry Shield (increased reflected projectiles damage)

    - Punishment (weapon damage decreased)
    - Thunder Shield (DoT dps and stun duration decreased)

  • Skills:

    - Infantry Grenade (damage increased)
    - Stun Grenade (damage duration and range increased)
    - Ice Grenade (freeze duration increased)
    - Root Grenade (damage increased)
    - Swarm (worm stats increased)
    - Tornado (damage increased + cd reduced)
    - Corrupted Power (damage buff increased)
    - Lightspeed (damage increased on both)
    - Lightning Rods (instant damage increased)
    - Scarecrow Sickles (damage increased)
    - Barnacle (damage increased)

    - Flamethrower Turret (DPS and duration decreased)
    - Tesla Coil (DPS, DoT and range decreased)
    - Lacerating Aura (DPS and duration decreased)
    - Great Owl of War (reactivated version dps decreased)
    - Crusher (damage decreased)
    - Tonic (duration and bonus health decreased)
  • Mutations:

    - Vengeance (bonus increased)
    - Adrenaline (duration increased)
    - Scheme (bonus increased)
    - Porcupack (starting value increased)
    - Ripper (now drops 6 ammos and damage per ammo increased)
    - Networking (starting value increased)
    - Point Blank (starting value and growth increased)
    - Soldier Resistance (starting value and cap increased)
    - Blind Faith (starting value and cap increased)
    - Counterattack (bonus increased)
    - What Doesn’t Kill Me (starting value and cap increased + internal cooldown reduced)
    - Extended Healing (duration reduced, for the same heal)
    - Spite (damage increased)
    - Frostbite (damage increased)
    - Instinct of the Master of Arms (internal cooldown reduced)
    - Recovery (duration multiplier increased)
    - Necromancy (starting value and cap increased)

    - Barbed Tips (DPS and tickrate decreased + no longer causes ammo to drop when combined with Ripper)
    - Gastronomy (healing bonus decreased)
    - Heart of Ice (starting value and cap decreased)
    - Emergency Triage (healing and speed bonus decreased)
    - Disengagement (activation threshold decreased and internal cooldown increased)
  • - Ice Shards weapon now has a 3 second slowdown effect (down from 5).
    - Parry Shield counter projectiles now deal damage.
    - Tombstone does not allow crit affixes anymore due to its specific behaviour.
    - Shovel (damage increased).
    - Tentacle (damage increased).
    - Katana (invincibility frames removed and forward movement reduced on basic attacks). Please note that the charged attack is unchanged. Update 24.1

Level design

  • New rooms:

    Added some new rooms in each of the 3 following biome to enhance diversity and fighting situations:
    - Derelict Distillery
    - Fractured Shrines
    - Undying Shores


  • Tiled integration:

    Mod Support is evolving with Tiled integration to foster new rooms creation by the community. Please refer to the updated documentation to follow the guidelines.

Bug fixes

  • - Preventing softlock when fighting Conjunctivius boss with Snake Fangs weapon.
    - Preventing softlock while using the Hunter Grenade weapon on the Giant Tick enemy.
    - Preventing softlock if a double KO occurs during the true final boss fight.
    - Preserving active turrets when a multi-forms weapon is evolving.
    - Removing that damn pink square on the BC selector.
    - Skull icon for the kill counter is fixed when you get the gold version after reloading the run.
    - Elite Rampager enemies don’t pause their charge anymore after roaring.
    - Slashers enemies can’t override the “Cannot be interrupted by an enemy’s attack” affix anymore.
    - No more messages notifying a malaise tier increase when reducing infection.
    - Some minor bug fixes. Update 24.1