Fatal Falls

Important features

  • Fatal Falls DLC Update!

    2 new biomes, which are direct counterpart to Stilt Village and Clock Tower are now available to the Fatal Falls DLC owners.

    - Fractured Shrine, home to a vicious pagan cult, these floating islands are connected with fragile ledges that are littered with traps and deadly drops. Expect giant snakes lobbing spears at you, even bigger statues wielding mighty axes and frenetic platform fights.

    - Undying Shores, where you will be expected to descend a cliff caught in the middle of a storm while fighting off undead healers and strange yet familiar experiments.

    A new boss, the Scarecrow, and its mushrooms companions are awaiting you in the Mausoleum, an alternative to the Giant and the Time Keeper. Time for them to avenge their brothers and sister fell in the Arboretum.

    The DLC also include seven new weapons to be found and unlock in the new content:
    - Serennade, the overly protective flying sword and new brutality pet
    - The Ferryman's Lantern, a 2H red weapons allowing you to use the souls of your enemies to be used as devastating projectiles.
    - The Lightning Rods, a skill that calls lightning bolts to smite anything lurking in between the rods you've placed in the ground.
    - The Snake Fangs, a weapon that teleports you to the nearest enemy to inflict melee & poison damage, opening up some speedy slashing gameplay.
    - The Iron Staff parries melee attacks and the combo after a successful parry inflicts critical hits. If your target is still alive, which seems unlikely.
    - Cocoon, a temporary invincibility bubble that will parry anything thrown at you from all directions.
    - The Scarecrow's sickles, that will chase you but kill anything standing in the way.

    The new biomes also come with its share of secrets to find and lore room to explore.

    We hope you will like it!